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Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health. The most frequent cause which leads to obesity development is a dysbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure. In this complex process, genetic susceptibility, environment, and lifestyle are involved.

Recent studies have identified the gut microbiota as an environmental factor which influence whole-body metabolism. They can affect energy balance, inflammation, and gut barrier function. Also, gut microbiota can increase body weight by integrating peripheral and central regulatory signals for food intake. Human intestinal microflora represents a complex ecosystem consisting of trillions of microorganisms and thousands of bacterial species deeply involved in different functions of host metabolism.

The intestinal microflora is closely related to obesity and metabolic disorders. They can regulate energy-extracting efficiency and increase energy storage and adiposity. They can also produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) from indigestible polysaccharides to modulate energy intake and metabolism.

Preclinical evidence indicates that the benefits on body weight translate into favorable metabolic effects. The probiotic bacterial strains, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains, have been consistently shown to affect glucose homeostasis. Several probiotic strains have been tested as agents with potential antidiabetic effects. Administration of Lactobacillus curvatus and Lactobacillus plantarum prevented the development of the high-fructose diet-induced metabolic syndrome.

Because of this, specific probiotics for weight loss have been developed with the right strains. Creative Enzymes provides high-quality probiotic for academic and industrial use.

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